Heavy-Duty Spreader


E2020XT Heavy-Duty Spreader

Municipalities who want superior control make the E2020XT heavy-duty spreader their first choice for winter deicing.  With intuitive design elements like a gearcase assembly that quickly removes for faster service, the E2020XT makes jobs seamless and easier.  Take the machine to the next level with advanced options like an inverted V that mounts in fixed or swinging positions to reduce material bridging and protect the conveyor.  Have special design demands?  We’ll build to any municipality specifications.

  • Heavy-duty 10-gauge hopper
  • Stakes with 7-gauge conveyor bottom panel and stills
  • Mounts to dump body or truck chassis

Is the E2020XT available in stainless steel?

Yes, stainless steel E2020XT units are constructed of a 12-gauge hopper and stakes with 10-gauge conveyor bottom panel and sills.

E2020XT - Large Truck - Hi-WayWhat options are available on the E2020XT?

Available options for the E2020XT include:

  • Fenders
  • Mud flaps
  • Cab shield
  • Hinged top screens
  • Extended idler adjustment
  • Extended idler grease tubes

Superior Hydraulic Control

Optimum material application control comes standard with the E2020XT’s fully-enclosed height-adjustable hydraulic-drive spinner.  Equipped with two internal deflectors, a 20 inch (51 cm) diameter spinner disc including six bolt-on hardened fins and a four section baffle.  Customize the system by choosing:

  • Series hydraulics
  • Manual-dual hydraulics

Advanced Conveyor System

Designed for continuous, uninterrupted material movement, the E2020XT’s advanced conveyor system features a 98% efficient spur gear drive with 6:1 reduction and a hi-torque/low-speed hydraulic motor.  A 24 inch (61 cm) wide roller chain conveyor with 3/8 inch x 1 ½ inch (9.5 mm x 38 mm) crossbars put deicing materials exactly where the operator desires. Choose from conveyor options including:

  • #2 pintle chain
  • #4 belt-over-chain
  • #5 straight belt conveyor

Precision Manufacturing

The best results only come with the most precisely manufactured equipment.  Advanced product techniques like laser cutting and slot-and-tab design create self-centering components like the material divider and spinner frame.  Precision on the back end translates to precision on the front lines, and a machine that maintains a consistent drop point for precise product placement.

Looking for more information on the E2020XT heavy-duty spreader?  Check out the links above or contact 800-363-1771 or information@highwayequipment.com.