Asphalt Transporter


T6034 Asphalt Transporter

Move massive amounts of asphalt – over 23 cubic yards (17.58 m3) per minute – without ever leaving the cab. That’s the power and convenience of the T6034 asphalt transporter. Workers stay clear of hot asphalt and moving parts thanks to cab-mounted conveyor controls. Innovative design comes standard on the T6034 – like the unique hydraulically controlled “power door” endgate, which ensures smooth material flow, unlike gravity-held endgates.

What size is the T6034 endgate?

The T6034 endgate is hydraulically controlled and provides a large 1,170 square inch (7,548 cm3) opening.

T6034 Asphalt Transporter - Large Truck - Hi-WayHeavy Duty Construction

  • Abrasion-resistant AR 235 steel lower interior side walls and floor
  • Fully welded seams for maximum strength
  • Painted unit and components for corrosion resistant
  • Double layer R-11insulation keeps asphalt hot even during long transports
  • 60 degree angled box sidewalls keep products flowing smoothly to the conveyor

Low Maintenance Design

The T6034 is the first choice for extended service life. Innovative, forward-thinking features take the pressure off of operators and the bottom line:

  • Automatic chain tensioner with true take-up bearings and a 2” (5.1cm) drive shaft for easy replacement and minimal disassembly
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel side sheet insulation skins
  • Oil and heat resistant belt-over-chain conveyor
  • Side mounted conveyor gear cases for reduced drive shaft stress
  • Specially designed forged steel 8-tooth sprocket for smooth operation and less wear

T6034 Asphalt Transporter - Large Truck - Hi-WayWhat is the benefit of having an automatic chain tensioner on the T6034?

The automatic chain tensioner ensures continuous proper chain adjustment to help extend conveyor life.

Precision Manufacturing

The best results only come with the most precisely manufactured equipment. Advanced product techniques like laser cutting and slot-and-tab design create self-centering components like the material divider and spinner frame. Precision on the back end translates to precision on the front lines, and a machine that maintains a consistent drop point for precise product placement.

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