Xzalt Precision Applicator


Xzalt Precision Applicator

This is no ordinary salt and sand spreader – this is a precision machine producing less material bounce and better road adhesion, virtually eliminating over-application on roadside shoulders. The Hi-Way Xzalt delivers a powerful 70:30 ratio of dry/liquid material via an innovative directional spinner that broadcasts mixed materials on one, two or three lanes to reduce time, fuel and miles. Xzalt delivers what every municipality demands for snow and ice management:

  • Higher application speeds
  • Longer routes
  • Fewer spreaders

What’s the benefit of 70:30 application?

Properly mixing liquid and granular material with a 70:30 ratio reduces salt usage while accelerating ice melt – 70% less than normal. The optimum mixture (approximately 60 gallons (227 l) of liquid per one ton (907 kg) of salt) resembles the consistency of oatmeal, providing less material bounce, less influence from wind and improved adhesion to the road. In addition, the mixture accelerates the deicing process.

Additional features on the Xzalt include:

  • Adjustable height enclosed chute fits various trucks
  • Integrated liquid system
  • High-volume molded tanks with integrated baffles
  • Easy ground-level rear fill
  • Integrated storage leg system for quick, one-person installation and removal
  • Painted carbon steel or unpainted 304 stainless steel
  • 10 ft. (3.05 m), 12 ft. (3.66 m), or 14 ft. (4.27 m) lengths
  • Galvanized screens
  • Inspection ladder
  • Work lamps
  • Beacon or strobe lights

Xzalt Precision Applicator - Precision Applicators - Hi-WayUnmatched Precision Application

A forward-thinking direction spinner and control take Xzalt beyond ordinary – one touch lets operators adjust symmetrical or asymmetrical patterns on one, two, or three lanes. The spinner assembly swivels, and conveyor and spinner speed automatically adjust to apply the spread pattern precisely to the left, center or right of the spreader. Material blending starts when dry salt mixes with liquid upon exiting the spinner chute and ends before exiting the spinner.

  • Spinner, liquid pump and conveyor sensors eliminate application rate and controller setting guesswork
  • Positive displacement direct-drive gear pump with sensor for precise application rates
  • Adjust spinner system from the cab

Engineered Spreader Control

The Xzalt features FORCE® America SSC6100 spreader control, specifically engineered to work seamlessly with this precision applicator. Both new and existing 6100 controls are compatible with the Xzalt – a simple update provides the intelligence to operate it. Unique, easy-to-use features set this controller apart:

  • Pre-defined QuickLane setting temporarily widens the swath width to cover a turn lane or intersection
  • Ability to reduce from multiple lanes to a single lane in the event of oncoming traffic
  • Multi-function operator interface
  • Large 7 inch (17.8 cm) LCD display
  • Instantly view and adjust material output
  • Up to five proportional joystick controls
  • Easy setup, maintenance and configuration with Never Lost menus
  • Convenient large fleet setup with USB-capable calibration copying
  • Up-to-the-minute output totals

What is the QuickLane setting?

Developed exclusively for the Xzalt, the QuickLane function on the FORCE® America 6100 spreader control gives operators the power to temporarily widen swath width to cover a turn lane or intersection – with a simple touch of a button. Or, program QuickLane to temporarily reduce swath width from multiple lanes down to a single lane to avoid interference with passing vehicles.

Convenient Feedgate Design

The Xzalt’s feedgate design breaks larger clumps of material and includes anti-slabbing chains for even material flow. The enclosed chute on the spinner hopper is height adjustable to fit various trucks. A precision feedgate sensor sends information back to the control, so there is no operator guesswork needed to adjust application rate. Choose from three predetermined feedgate positions

  • Normal 70:30 ratio mixed material
  • High volume spreading
  • Hopper unloading

Low Maintenance Design

The Xzalt is the first choice for extended service life. Innovative, forward-thinking features take the pressure off of operators and the bottom line:

  • Sealed bearings on stainless steel idler
  • Multi-layered endless belt conveyor with no mechanical splice and slider backing for less friction
  • Corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel components
  • Galvanized screens, sub frame and storage legs

Precision Manufacturing

The best results only come with the most precisely manufactured equipment. Advanced product techniques like laser cutting and slot-and-tab design create self-centering components like the material divider and spinner frame. Precision on the back end translates to precision on the front lines, and a machine that maintains a consistent drop point for precise product placement.

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