Prewet Systems


Pre-Wet Systems

Deceptively simple yet highly productive, Hi-Way’s Pre-Wet Systems are no less engineered than the most complex spinner spreaders on the road. Operators demand excellence whenever they hit the road, and these Pre-Wet Systems more than deliver, with high-density polyethylene for UV protection, a top splash proof vent, a liquid relief valve with gauge and non-corrosive plumbing for tailgate or V-box applications.

  • Serviceable bulkhead connectors
  • Integrated power units.
  • 1 ½ inch quick disconnect bottom fill
  • Optional liquid level sensor

What sizes do Hi-Way Pre-Wet Systems come in?

Tailgate systems are available up to 100 gallons. V-box units are available in single or twin up to 200 gallons.

What styles of Hi-Way Pre-Wet Systems are available?

Hi-Way Pre-Wet Systems are available in electric manual, hydraulic closed loop and hydraulic series loop styles.

Electrical Manual

Use with manual or automatic spreader controls.

  • 3 gpm corrosion resistant diaphragm pump with viton seals and polypropylene housing
  • Cab controller with harnessing
  • Optional pressure switches for ground speed interrupt

Hydraulic Series Loop

Use with auger/conveyor exhaust oil.

  • 9 gpm corrosion resistant gear pump
  • 9 gpm gerotor hydraulic drive motor
  • Hydraulic series valve with manual on/off, electric on/off or electrical proportional control

Hydraulic Closed Loop

Use with automatic spreader controls.

  • 9 gpm corrosion-resistant positive displacement silver cast roller vane pump
  • 12 pulse polypropylene rotary flow meter with cabling
  • 5 gpm geroler hydraulic drive motor

Precision Manufacturing

The best results only come with the most precisely manufactured equipment. Precision on the back end translates to precision on the front lines.

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