SA-6C Tailgate Spreader

Multi-directional discharge, one-person cleanout and quick-disconnect hardware – convenience comes standard on the SA-6C tailgate spreader. For centerline deicing or windrowing, it’s hard to beat. The SA-6C delivers uniform spread combined with the versatility to easily adjust pattern as needed.

  • 6 inch (15.2 cm) bi-directional auger
  • 3/8 inch (9.5mm) helicoid flighting welded to heavy-duty 2 ½ inch (6.4cm) pipe
  • Heavy-duty 7-gauge cover/back plate and trough
  • ¼ inch (6 mm) endplates

What options are available for the SA-6C?

Available options on the SA-6C include in-cab auger, spinner and master on/off controls; non-painted 304 stainless steel; and a 5:1 worm gear drive (not recommended for berming applications).

Designed for Convenience

The SA-6C is packed with intuitive features designed to make operator’s jobs easier:

  • Easy-open hinged bottom panel for one-person trough cleanout
  • Convenient lift handle raises for spreading and lowers for dumping
  • Quick-disconnect mounting enables fast removal and mounting without tools

Superior Spinner System

The SA-6C’s advanced spinner assembly makes precise spreading easy, with simple one-person installation and removal plus adjustability for varied spread patterns. An 18 inch (46cm) polyurethane spinner disc with six formed fins provides a uniform spread pattern. Bi-directional auger flighting ensures material feeds evenly from both sides of the dump body to the left-hand discharge area

What is the SA-6C’s swath width?

The SA-6C provides a consistent spread pattern from 4 (1.2 m) to 40 feet (12.2 m) wide.

Low Maintenance Design

The SA-6C is the first choice for extended service life. Innovative, forward-thinking features take the pressure off of operators and the bottom line:

  • Direct drive hydraulic motor eliminates chain and sprocket or gear case maintenance
  • Advanced spinner design protects hydraulic motor from material impact verify
  • Available corrosion-resistant non-painted 304 stainless steel

Precision Manufacturing

The best results only come with the most precisely manufactured equipment. Advanced product techniques like laser cutting and slot-and-tab design create self-centering components like the material divider and spinner frame. Precision on the back end translates to precision on the front lines, and a machine that maintains a consistent drop point for precise product placement.

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